Tuesday, 7 December 2010

I Want To Be A 50's Rock Chick

Hello lovely people
And I have to say a massive thank you to Bee from www.vivatramp.blogspot.com  for featuring me on her blog, the things she said about my blog were truly lovely.
Before I emailed her I thought I was doing something majorly wrong on the blogging front, I only had one follower although I had quite a few page views, it’s all very confusing, but now I’m feeling a lot better about it all.
 Oh and to my new followers thank you all for following me, it’s made me a very happy girly!
I’ve been so busy over the last few days, Sunday I spent the day with my boyfriend’s family and then went to see Harry Potter which was AMAZING, I really can’t wait for the next one!
Yesterday I spent the day at college and then went straight to see a show my friend was in J
Anyway that’s a little bit about what I have been up to.
This is an editorial I loved in Asos Magazine. I love the 50’s rock chick feel to the pictures.  

Also I decided to go for it and get a fringe, thank you for your comments, they definitely helped me make my decision!  What do you think ?

Oh and just remembered I told you all about two pen 17 eye liners I bought. A had a comment about colour/if they worked well and my opinion is yes they work very well and I took a picture to show the colours! Left eye brown eyeliner and right eye is black.

Have a great day J

Ashley x


  1. Aww thanks for the mention sweetie. I'm glad it's got you some more followers (: Love the photos right here.

  2. I love this editorial, the pictures are just gorgeous :)


  3. I love the Brigitte Bardot look in that editorial and the new fringe looks great! Really suits you.


  4. Those pictures are awesome and I have to say you really got the inspiration right in your latest post! You look very pretty in a '60ish style and dots! :D And I love your hair, they're the perfect mix between straight and wavy!

  5. I could live in all the looks this editorial has to offer. Your bangs are lovely! Great post. :)


  6. i LOVE this haircut and the eye makeup. it reminds me of a shot from a memorable teenvogue editorial....how i wish i could pull off that sort of thing.

  7. Love this look!



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