Saturday, 4 December 2010

Nothing to Drastic

Had a great day today!
I walked into town which I haven’t done in ages, due to now being able to drive. But it was a very nice change; I forgot how much I enjoyed going for a walk!

Hat H and M, Cardigan Zara, Grey Dress Primark, Chain Belt Mum's, Leggings Miss Selfridge, Wellies Hunter, Gloves Topshop

I needed a new eye liner and some hair mousse, so I popped into Boots.  I bought Toni and Guy Boost-it mousse, I don’t know if it’s any good but they had a deal where you got £2 off so I thought I might as well give it a go. Does anyone know a good volumizing mousse, as I’m in need of some big hair?
I bought black and brown, number 17 eye liner; well it’s an eye pen. I’ve seen them around before I think Maybelline do one, they look like sharpies. I thought it being like a pen would make it easier to use than liquid eye liner which if I’m honest I’m rubbish at applying. Has anyone used anything like this before?  I’m really hoping it’s easier to than the liquid eyeliner brushes!

I have also been wondering about changing my hair in some way. I was thinking something small not to drastic but something different. I have a sort of side fringe at the moment and I’m thinking about getting a straight across block fringe. I looked up some pictures and after seeing these I’m quite excited.

top left abbey lee kershaw, below Brigitte Bardot, Below Same, Top Left Kate Moss , Below Kate Moss, Bottom Right abbey lee kershaw

What do you think about the fringe????  Would love to know anyone’s opinions J

Ashley x


  1. I've been wanting to try one of the eye liner/pens for a while too, I'm just weary of how 'black' the black ones will be?!
    Love a block fringe too, but then I am slightly bias! Lovely blog xx

  2. Corr, you're looking so cute here.
    I featured your blog in my 'bloglight' post this morning sweet. I hope you like the write up and that it gets you some lovely followers!

  3. lOve the fringe!! i say go for it! ive got one and i wouldnt get rid of it! :) xo


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