Tuesday, 30 November 2010


It FINALLY snowed!!!!!
I got a day off college due to the roads being so very scary to drive on, especially the little country lanes I have to take to college.
I managed to do a bit of art work then got bored and had to go outside!
For my art I have decided to explore the body being distorted or things not being how they originally seem, I hope this comes across!
This is some of my art I have been working on for the “body” project:

can you see the old man face ?

this is my brother but i have distorted the image

Inspired by Damien Hurts, Kate Moss cover for Tar Magazine, i painted my face in this picture to try and capture a similar effect

I had a lovely afternoon walking around in the snow with the boyfriend. Here is what I wore , I did have on gloves but they were so ugly I took them off for photos!

dont quite know what im dong here :S

Primark Headband

What I’m wearing : My Yeti coat from Zara (£10 in the sale), black vest Topshop, Jeans New Look , Boots Vintage.
Hope everyone thats had snow had a great day and everyone that didnt have snow too!!!
I hear theres more snow tomorow as well :)
Ashley x

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  1. Love the artwork...especially the distorted image of your brother! That's a great jacket too!
    Love your blog, btw.
    Please stop by my blog if you have a moment:)


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