Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Snowball fights and Soufflés

Its official the snow has caused normal life to come to a standstill. Cars can’t get anywhere and I had to walk the 20mins to work this morning at 6.30am, but it was rather lovely, because due to the snow people  became genuinely nicer, everyone I passed smiled and said good morning, like we were the few that had gone outside and braved the cold so therefore we have to acknowledge each other. Ok I need to stop rambling.
Due to the snow, getting out and about generally has become harder, so today I walked to the corner shop, took some pictures and then decided to do a bit of baking. I have attempted to cook chocolate soufflés J so far they look ok but I really can’t be sure, I’m not the best cook. I will let you know how they turn out tomorrow....
Thought I would do an outfit post, need to take advantage of this weather and get some good pictures. There’s something about the snow that makes pictures look ten times prettier.
Primark headband , blanket wrap, Zara Cardigan , Dr Martin Boots
where are my FEET :P

Necklace Primark, vest Primark, gloves Topshop
giggles :)

Hope you like my pictures J Will post tomorrow how the soufflés turned out, fingers crossed!
Ashley x


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  1. Yes I soooo like your pictures and your blog, so i became your follower!=) you have such gorgeous outfits!! i love the way the snow plays, too=) pls visit my blog and you're invited to follow if you like! Id love to exchange comments with you and be fashionable friends=)

    Dear Girl


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