Monday, 29 November 2010

Do I keep the coat ???

Still no snow L we might get some tomorrow fingers crossed!!
The boyfriend and I went to Camden Market yesterday; it was FREEZING but good fun! Had a lovely Chinese, though I was sad to see the prices have gone from £3 to £4.50, but I can’t really complain that’s still a fair price.
Anyway I couldn’t resist doing a bit of shopping. I got a lovely Aran knit jumper, I have wanted one for ages but the Topshop one was to expensive at £40, so I was pleased when I found this one for £15. It’s so warm and snugly.

I also couldn’t resist these Vintage lace up black boots, they were just £25. I’m still questioning how “vintage” they are as they look quite modern, but I can only trust what I was told in the shop as they have no labels on them. I love the heel height on them it’s not too high so you can easily walk around in them all day without getting sore feet!

And I solved my coat dilemma.... I think J
I saw this sheepskin coat and thought it was great for just £25. I bought it but when I got it home and had a good look at it I realised it’s a bit big and not quite as practical as I had hoped due to it bulkiness. I still think it’s lovely but I’m not sure whether it was the best buy, so I might be selling it, haven’t yet decided.  Anyway here is a picture would like your thoughts !

Like the coat or is it too big ???

Today was quite a boring day; I had to give a presentation on an Artist/Designer, I think went well so that’s all good J  and tonight I’m forcing the boyfriend to watch Americas Next Top Model with me! Have a good night everyone.
Ashley x


  1. Ooh, that's a gorgeous looking Aran knit cardi and it was a complete bargain! :O Your coat looks gorgeous, keep it! Ooh, well done on forced tv watching. My boyfriend refuses to watch shows/movies I like, Boo! Have a lovely week sweet.

  2. lovely blog by the way and I love your coat...

  3. oh thank you :)
    ok might keep the coat then! glad you guys liked it !


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