Sunday, 28 November 2010

Wishing for a Winter Wonderland

Hope everyone is well J I’m ok except for my fingers being slightly numb from the cold making it rather tricky to type!
I’ve had so much art work to do over the last few days we had four weeks to do out BODY projects, two of which we were not doing it due to talks about our upcoming trip to Berlin (can’t WAIT ), so I’m rather behind and worrying a little because I only have two weeks left !
Anyway. I really want it to snow, it’s so pretty, and it means I can’t go to college (I work better from home anyway, less distractions believe it or not). Oh and it provides some excellent photo opportunities.  
Here are some pictures for my Style Stalker section (these started of my want for snow):
Brian Edwards

Also now it’s getting colder I realise how much I dislike my (slightly too big) military coat from River Island. It just doesn’t fit me the way I want it to and makes me look the size of a bus! I have a large vintage fur coat which is lovely and warm but not always practical and feel I need a new practical warm coat J
dont know why i have such a moody face in this picture! im putting it down to the coat :P
I’m off to Camden market today with the boyfriend to have a good rummage through the vintage and thrift stalls! Hope you guys have a lovely day to!
Ashley x

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