Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Saatchi Gallery and Shopping :)

Had the most lovely day yesterday up in London, I was meant to be going to the UCAS fair but as I’m all done and dusted in that area and have got my place J woo, so I wandered up to London to see some galleries.
I absolutely LOVED the Saatchi Gallery well I particularly loved one part of it. A glass box filled with dead bugs suspended from the top of the box, doesn’t sound to amazing so far BUT when you looked closer there where tiny like skeleton figures riding and tearing apart the bugs, they looked like evil little dead fairies, it all sounds a bit morbid but it was truly amazing !
Here are some pictures J

Aren’t they cool!! Must have taken ages they are so tiny!!
And when in London I can’t really resist having a quick look round Oxford Street. Found a bag in Topshop which is kinda of brilliant, but at £55 I don’t think it will ever be mine!
Navajo pattern leather trim duffle bag £55 Topshop
This cardigan also caught my eye, i don’t normally shop in Miss Selfridge but wandered in there as its joined on to Topshop and found this black tasselled cardigan which I really liked! I’ve seen allot of these blanket cardigans around and really want one, but haven’t found any cheaper versions.
Limited edition black tassle blanket cardigan £60 Miss Selfridge
Hope you’ve all had a lovely week so far J

Ashley x

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