Sunday, 14 November 2010

Seems so Crazy

Friday was my 1 year anniversary with my boyfriend, one whole year, it seems crazy.
 Anyway he got me a lovely vintage diamond and tanzanite ring and a simple beaten gold ring so I can stack them (I’m a bit obsessed with stacking all my rings at the moment).

He took me out to have Chinese, we were a tad late due to my indecisiveness over what to wear, I had two outfits planned but of course I had to try both on to see what I thought, eventually the decision was made for me when I was told by the boyfriend that a sequined jacket was far to dressed up (boys sometimes just don’t get fashion).  The outfit I wore was a pale blouse tucked into a pleated grey French connection skirt with little socks and lace up shoe boots.

I photographed both outfits so I could compare them more easily J is the Sequin jacket outfit to dressed up??
Sequined jacket Mango, Black Bdy Gok Wan, Trousers River Island, Cage Boots Peacocks

Now I have to get on with some major Art work for College, my second project is in on Monday and although I have done the work I found I have to present it on A1 paper, so need to get cutting and sticking! Wish me Luck and have a lovely weekend.
 Ashley x

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