Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Bits and Bobs

Alright lovelies
Lots of random bits and bobs today. College was interesting as we got given out new project.... The Body (very original). I find myself being excited by it though as we can pretty much take it in whatever direction we want to.
 If anyone knows some great artists that paint/sculpt/photograph the body let me know, it would be VERY helpful.
At the moment I find myself loving these pictures from the Urban Outfitters Catalogue www.urbanoutfitters.co.uk. The styling is great fashion forward but effortless. I think I’m definitely going to try and recreate elements of these looks.

When browsing the Urban Outfitters website I came across this gold coloured (they also do it in silver) ear chain decoration for £10. I haven’t yet made my mind up if I love it or think it’s a little strange.  
And now for two things I definitely love at the moment. Jeffery Campbell Lita’s in blue distressed, I want these sooo much, but they are almost impossible to get hold of in the UK L and this Topshop ring, this being the thing I will probably be more likely to get, its chunky and I like the fact it has a hinge.

Lita boots
Topshop Ring £14

Hope you had a lovely day :)
Ashley x

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