Saturday, 6 November 2010

Out and About

I had such a lovely day yesterday J  My boyfriend and I spent the day at Portobello Market in London’s famous Notting Hill. It was very refreshing to see all sorts of style and fashions up there, as in East Grinstead it is somewhat lacking (sorry).  I love having a good rummage though the stalls and finding some real treasures.
Here are some random pictures from the day, sorry there’s not very many but most people don’t like you taking pictures of the stalls :S
Had one of the best pancakes here, with lemon and sugar YUM

LOVE this shop it sells some of the best vinatge designer jewellery

These rings are around £80 each, need to start saving !!

A quick snap of me, sorry for the moody looking face !

I bought a great Led Zeppelin T-shirt, but need to cut out he neck, round necks look rubbish on me !


My purchases from Friday J All of these where £5 or under so I was a very happy bunny. I really love anything gold coloured and kinda chunky at the moment.
My favourites are the ram's head ring and the silver a slate bracelet

Oh and to top the day off, when I got home I found my Asos and River Island deliveries that had come the day before!!!
 I’ve been wanting a pair of leather shorts for AGES, and got this pair from River Island, I also got this chunky gold necklace I wanted it when it was full price but at £15 it was too much for me, so I was thrilled to find it in the sale for just £2. The boots are from Asos, I love the chunky heel, I was torn whether to get them in black or taupe, but eventually decided on the taupe as i have nothing like them!

New Boots :)

Also I have a new look on Lookbook so please Hype if you like it, thanks J
Ashley x

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