Wednesday, 17 November 2010

The Master Plan

Good day J
I’ve been thinking about my blog today during a rather boring art lesson and I think it needs a little bit more structure. I’ve been looking at loads of blogs which seems to have a set pattern amongst all the random comments and outfit posts.
I don’t really know how to go about planning it and how easy it will be to keep up but ye its worth a go!!
Ok I have college Monday Tuesday and Wednesday so I won’t have much time to think in general let alone about an interesting blog post!
Monday - close up pictures e.g.  Rings, Hair styles, nail colours, self portrait
 Tuesday and Wednesday will be random thoughts, pictures and outfits.
Friday Fancies – will be wants and wishes - a list of fabulous things I probably won’t be able to afford as I’m saving for uni next year like a good girl.
Saturday (At work in the morning, I’m a receptionist at a plastic surgery hospital, I have to smile, be delightful and take calls) - I think it will have to be more random jibber jabber and outfit posts I if have time.
And Sunday - style stalker, a mix of random peoples styles that I really like whether it be magazine editorials, street style pictures or celebrities.
Oh and just to add, this is what I wore yesterday, I had tights on but I was still freezing!
Faux Fur Coat, Primark Dress, Primark Hradband

This dress reminded me of Anna Sui 2009 New York Fashion week, cute whimsical boho dresses. LOVE.  
picture from :

Ashley x

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