Monday, 25 October 2010

BNTM live show 24th Oct

Britain’s Next Top Model Live is a fashion, beauty, shopping and entertainment event that allows you to sample a little bit of the BNTM lifestyle.
The fashion element of this event made me most exited, being able to see a catwalk show which showcased some new talents and had over 40 designers featured!
Train Station

Collection of tickets, Check. Going into the event it looked like every shoppers dream, tonnes of pop up shops and large signs saying SALE.
I was very much up for doing anything that said FREE, as I spent my last pay check on two lovely dresses from ASOS. So first things first, I headed towards the Reebok photo booth.  

Some rather funny pictures of James and I

Then for the Catwalk showJ.  I have to admit at first I was I little confused, there were dancers doing strange things on stage, a couple of minutes of that then luckily the fashion started.
Designers included, Tamzin Lillywhite, Richard Sorger, Jonathan Aston, Bushra Ahmed, Liam Stafford, Jess Sayers, Sarfraz and Zandra Rhodes.  The show was brilliant, the girls of Next Top Model walked very well, apart from one tumble from the winner herself, but hey these things happen.
Here are some (very poor quality, fat camera not available) pictures of some of the looks that I liked :

Pure Decadence, with sequined jacket and thigh high boots.

A take on the Woodland trend, patterend cape, with a fur trim, a perfect mix of textures

Another nod to the decadence trend with an opulent mini
Fur cape and Russian style hat > LOVE

On my way out I noticed the Nine West stall, they had hired an artist to do little fashion sketches of people, I Had to have one! Yes I had to wait in the queue that had assembled but it was well worth it.    

To finish off the day James and I ate at YO Sushi, up in London, YUM. Then back home > truly exhausted.

Ashley x

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