Saturday, 23 October 2010

First Post :D

My names Ashley Gail Dean, I’m 18 years old from Sussex, United Kingdom.  
 This blog is a look into my life, fashion and art. Fashion is my passion (sounds corny but its true). I have just finished A levels in Art, History and English Literature, and have deferred my uni place to study Fashion Communication and Promotion till next year whilst I study Art. I felt writing a blog was the great way to express myself, and share my work and views with other like-minded people.
Whilst studying art I felt I needed to keep up with the ever changing and eventful fashion world, enter ----> my new blog.
At my group interview for Uni I rediscovered my love to share ideas, knowledge and views on fashion with other people. I was hugely inspired by some of their thoughts and feel a blog is a brilliant way to share innovative and interesting ideas on a large scale.
I live in East Grinstead, where I can revel in the joys of the countryside. It’s also very close to the Ashdown Forest home to Winnie the Pooh. As much as I love Grinny it’s not exactly a hot spot for all things fashion. Luckily I’m just a train ride away from London, so I can fulfil my fashion needs J  
I have a Nikon D60 camera, which I love with all my heart and I have just got Photoshop CS5 which I’m very excited to try out, so hopefully will be updating you with some reasonably interesting photography at some point.
Ashley x

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