Thursday, 5 February 2015

High Brow

I'm naturally quite blonde and have fair partly non-existent eye brows, I had never payed much attention to my lack but 2014 was "The Year of the Eye Brow" that saw many ditching their tweezers and favouring a fuller look. I have never tweezed my brows so I just needed to work on creating the "fuller" look. 

Products used : 
// BROW BRUSH : Maybelline
//BROW PALETTE : Seventeen 
//CLEAR MASCARA : Collection 

START : I use the dark brown powder to fill in the shape of the brow
           : Then use the brow brush to brush out any excess powder, this makes the brows look less blocky and more natural

FINISH : After brushing I use the clear mascara to brush my brows and hold them in a place 

BEFORE & AFTER : The left shows my light and undone brows and the right is after I have done the above steps, they are still quite natural looking due to my brows looking heavy on my face if I go too dark. If I decided to go slightly darker I would just brush less of the powder out before putting on the clear mascara to fix.

Since doing this post I have also discovered the Gosh long lasting brow pen that I use instead of the powder, it comes in three colours and gives a very natural effect.

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  1. You show your different kind of beauty after the work on your brows. Love your work!


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