Monday, 13 February 2012

New Seasons Florals in Old Seasons Weather

Pink hair is fading fast but the snow isn’t!

Wearing Zara Dress (saw it in London, didn’t have my size, managed to grab it in NYC)
Cardigan from Century 21 in NYC
Necklace Urban Outfitters
Boots, All Saints (seen in my first ever outfit post)

Apologies for the list style post but I have tonsillitis and it seems to have affected my brain and my typing ability :) 

Ashley x


  1. love the dress!!
    but arent u cold dariling??<3

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  2. Your dress is lovely! and love the long cardigan x

  3. I love that dress! It's so cute and colorful :)

  4. You've still got so much snow! Lovely photos, what a gorgeous dress!

  5. this dress is so pretty! and your hair is amazing as always :) x

  6. I like your hair still, even it's faited :-)
    Cool outfit.

  7. Heissan! Sulla on mahdottoman siide blogi kuvineen ja stooreineen päivineen!
    Ajattelin,että on pakko liittyä lukijaksi,että pääsen jatkossakin lukemaan nokkelasti postauksiasi.

    Käys kurkistamassa mun blogiini ja jos viehettää niin liityppä lukijaksi! sekä katso "linkkaa blogisi" postaukseni,linkaa ja olet mukana arvonnassa!

  8. Absolutly looove your hair! It's really beautiful. What did you ask to be done as it looks like it's multi-toned!

    Also love the dress and shoes, especially the shoes!



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