Monday, 31 January 2011

Semiprecious Stone

Waistcoat, Topshop
Dress, Free People
Shoes, Jeffrey Campbell Litas
Bag, Christmas present
Necklace, Snow Jewels
Earrings, Primark
Bracelets, Random

It may look sunny in these pictures but don’t let it fool you, the good old English weather is still cold and miserable! How come the sun is shining yet it’s still freezing!!???
I love this Free People dress, I found it in the Asos sale, being Free people the price was still quite high but much better than the original price ! The knit is so pretty, it instantly reminded me of Missoni and the Marc Jacobs S/S 2011 show where he featured, bright striped knits in purple tones.
I got the bag for Christmas, it has great tassel detailing! The Turquoise necklace is hand-made from a jeweller in my town, I’ve had it for a while now, it such a brilliant colour.  
Also, hello to all my new followers! I appreciate all your comments, it’s so lovely to hear what you think, thank you J
Ashley x

Saturday, 29 January 2011

70's Retro

Hat, TK Max
Jumper, Asos
Dress, Asda
Boots, River Island
Bag, Topshop

When I saw the Milan S/S 2011 D&G show I instantly loved it, the innocent, carefree, young collection had a hint of the 70’s and pretty floral prints.
I particularly loved the romantic floral maxi dresses with their light and floaty fabrics.
 Here I’m trying my best to create that similar look, although I’ve had to adapt my outfit for the weather, as it is definitely not summer yet!
I got this maxi from..... Asda, shocking I know. I loved the print and the colours (lilac/purple tones are a new trend) and for £16 you can’t really go wrong.  I’ve worn it with my floppy hat,( taking style tips from the Marc Jacobs show) which was a bargain find at TK Max.  
The disco ball necklace I’m wearing is my Nan’s from the 70’s, I’m loving her jewellery collection at the moment.
Ashley x

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Theres A Hole In My Jumper

Jumper, Topshop
Vest, Asos
Shorts, Asos
Boots, La Redoute
Necklace, bought in Spain when i was 3 years old
Chain Belt, Vintage
Rings, Random

Every time I wear this jumper someone comments about the point of it, “how can a jumper with holes in it keep you warm!?” Well don’t worry about me I’m nice and warm J
I have a few of these vests from Asos they are BRILL, versatile, long length, a true great basic. And for £10! Get them here.
This necklace and me have some history. I got given it when I was 3 as part of my Pocahontas fancy dress outfit and have loved it ever since.  So pleased with the new trend for Native American jewellery because it means I can wear it again.
The coin belt is my mum’s from.... let’s just say a long time ago! It jingles when I walk and gets caught on everything, but it’s truly loved.
Wasn’t sure I was going to be able to take pictures today because it started to snow! But lucky it stopped, I don’t think I could cope with more snow, I want some sunshine!
Ashley x

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Inspiration - Paisley Lace and Big Hats

Little bit of what I like at the moment .... The pictures speak for themselves.
Conjures up images of long summer days, picnics and sunsets.    
Paisley lace and big hats
Ashley x

Sunday, 23 January 2011

To Maximum Effect

Dress, NewLook
Cardigan, Next
Shoes, JC Lita
Belt, Back of my wardrobe
Bag, Hermes
Necklace, River island
Joint Ring, Asos
I just want to say hi to all my new followers! Thank you so much for looking at my blog J
Another outfit post today. I’m a wee little thing so wearing a maxi is a bit daunting and always requires heels, but I thought I would brave it because I like it so much!
The belt I’m wearing is so old, I love the little pockets on it, great for storing lip balm :P  I posted about the necklace I’m wearing a while ago (here), and I found I have worn it a lot more recently as I changed the chain to a thinner one, it came with a giant chain and it looked a bit “R&B video”  for me!
Necklace, Topshop

Yesterday my Topshop claw necklace arrived, so happy! I have loved strange jewellery like this for ages. I have been lusting after all Pamela Love’s jewellery at the moment and this reminded me of her claw cuff! In the picture also is a crochet top I bought, it’s so sweet I can’t wait to wear it in the summer!
Ashley x