Tuesday, 13 December 2011

American Gold

I love the hippy 70’s vibe of this outfit. American Gold has been one of my favored brands for a long time now and I was thrilled to find these flares and cross tunic in the Asos sale (the fedora is also Asos).

Damask print trousers and alternative print flares have been made popular by Balmain, where each season they manage to put a different slant on the glamorous rock and roll laid back image.

As the flares are a little long for me I teamed them with my Acne wedges and suffered a bit from phantom foot syndrome, but at least they elongated my legs J

So enjoying being at home as well! These first few days have flown by. The Christmas tree is up and tomorrow we start making mince pies.

Ashley x 


  1. Love the look, the skull necklace is amazing!!


  2. You have such an incredible and unique style. I don't think I know anyone else who would have the guts for those flares and such a fully committed 70's look, but you're bravery definitely pays off, gorgeous!


  3. Great look those flares are so unique ,I love them!

  4. Love love love those lace flares and the accessories!


  5. love the pattern on your trousers! your jewellery is also amaazing! wish i had a collection of rings like the ones you have on!

  6. You are amazing! So beautiful :))

  7. In love with your pants. Is this made up of velvet???


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