Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Sweet on Rock

Ok so these are the first set of photos taken at uni in my new room :) . It was a bit of a mission as I’m used to the boy, my mum or brother taking my pictures, so setting up my tripod and using a self timer took a bit of getting used to.

Its been so boiling for the past few days, luckily today its got a bit cooler. I left all my summer clothes at home as I was told it was freezing up north!

This was one of my thrown together “summer” outfits. The little top is from Primark, I love the low peter pan collar as high necklines don’t really suit my shape (they make me look like I have a shelf under my chin). The shorts are my DIY levis, and the shoes are JC Tardy’s.

The little cross necklace was a present from the boy and I have been wearing it to death at uni as it reminds me of him (mushy I know… feel free to vom). The spike earrings are from Asos.

It was the official start of my university course on Monday and it’s been all go! We had a group presentation on Tuesday and I have lectures everyday except for today, so it seemed like the perfect time for some retail therapy with my 20% student discount!!  Bye bye student loan :P

Ashley x


  1. Love the look! The shorts are gorgeous! I posted on my blog a diy similar to that:

  2. Love the shorts so much.. i adore denim shorts with studs on, i really want a pair! Love your blog. Have been following for a while now, i look forward to your posts xxx

  3. I like what you did to the shorts, and the tardys are awesome, still deciding on the color myself. They look great in red !

  4. Love this look, rockish romantic :) xx

  5. Lovely outfit!

    Emma x

  6. I love your outfit!
    Amazing blog!!!


  7. Love the outfit; the collar on your shirt is adorable <3

  8. Love it, simple but so cute. I love the little detailing on the collar of the blouse...perfect!

  9. your shoes and shorts are really crazy, love them!


  10. Great outfit, love the studs and blouse!

    Please take a minute to look at my trunkshow;

  11. Thanks for your comment on the our blog!

    i freaking LOVE your shoes! i neeeed them like now now now :)

    following you darling have a lovely eve xxx

  12. Love the shirt!!! just saw a glimpse of ure wardrobe in ure newer post,,, looks like it is dominated with blacks and whites.. why no colours??


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