Saturday, 10 September 2011


Last holiday pictures I promise! I couldn’t resist putting up these black and white images that show a few more angles and locations around the hotel.
I love this dress, it’s a real sling on but can look so effortless and elegant. Here I have kept it simple with a mango cross and Jessica Simpson Dany’s (you can probably guess by now I only took two pairs of monster heels with me to Cyprus and by borrowing from my mum gained one more pair) .
Hope you enjoy J  
Ashley x


  1. amazing pics!love the dress!

  2. I love the black and white photos...they're wonderful! Great photos as always!!

  3. Beautiful photos!! Black and white just gives them so much more depth!

  4. Love black&white pictures! and clothes are amazing and simple! and your shoes look gorgeous xxx

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  5. pictures and shoes are great :)


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