Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Vintage Festival

These are some snaps from the Vintage Festival in London on Sunday, I had a great time, it was packed with people and there were loads of great vintage outfits to look at.
I wore my Topshop fringe kimono, vintage Levi cut off’s, River Island boots and my DIY head chain. To be honest I was a little over dressed as it was sooo hot in London that day... Oh well!
I took my outfit pictures on these two old buses that had been converted: one into a moving art gallery and the other into a bric-a-brac/vintage muddle with things on every surface ( it was kind of amazing).
The other images are things I found or bought. I love the tan tooled leather clutch bag but sadly had to choose between that and the pale cream backpack in the last image.... the back pack won. Also in the last image are my other purchases from the day, a pair of cat’s eyes sunglasses (Ive been drooling over the Tom Ford ones) and a jumper from Urban Outfitters.
The silver bag is made entirely from ring pulls and when bought had over half of the cost go to charity. I thought they were a really cool idea but sadly didn’t have enough money for one L
Also I'm sure I saw and spoke to Betsey Johnson ... well by spoke, she said “excuse me” and I said “oh I’m sorry” , I was too shy to actually ask if it was her, so it could have been just someone that looked identical .... I guess I will never know!
Ashley x


  1. awesome pics , love the first !

  2. I absolutely love your outfit; the first photo is simply stunning x

  3. arrgh, i love your headband and your fringed kimono

  4. your fringe kimono is wicked cool as is that ring pull bag. shame it cost too much.

  5. That can top bag (or other construction :P) looks really bizzare but in a really witty sort of way! You also look very lovely and god it was boiling today and I had a skirt and thin top on!

  6. That ring pull bag is amazing.

  7. Amazing photos! Love the look too! ;)

  8. I'll bet it was Betsey! A friend of mine met her once in San Francisco, and she was apparently positively delightful and posed for photos and everything. You look great -- your DIY headchain really is the perfect touch!

  9. the photos are lovely, i really love the first one especially. your diy head chain looks pretty good :)



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