Monday, 1 August 2011

DIY Chain Headpiece

I have been seeing a lot of chain headpieces around for a while now and I really love them . After finding that the House of Harlow one I had my eye on was way over £100, I decided to make one of my own.  
Above are some inspirational images of different chain/metal headpieces. The top right and bottom left are by “I don’t like Mondays”, the top left is a 1969 piece and the bottom right image is Alexander McQueen.

Ok so I started with a thick chain from H and M, two jump rings and some small pliers.  

To start I removed the clasp of the necklace by bending open the jump rings and removing them.  

I then took the chain and measured it round my head to gauge the length required, and then cut the chain to this measurement.

After getting the right length of chain to fit round my head I then made it into a loop by linking both ends together with a jump ring.

Now for the middle section that runs along the centre parting. I used a piece of string to mark out the length I needed over my head then measured the string against a ruler to see how long I needed to cut the chain.

The image on the left shows how I attached the 3 sections with the jump ring. The little drawing on the right (can you tell I’m an art student?? :P) is the measurement I used to make sure the headdress fitted. The measurements are 69cm circumference and 28cm radius.  

Taadaaa .... my finished chain headpiece.  Simple but effective. I hope you can see the how the McQueen headdress at the start of my post has been adapted and changed for us mortals.
Hope you liked my DIY J
Ashley x


  1. awesome thing !
    love your chain

  2. a great diy, and I love the pics on top of your post :)

  3. Really great DIY post, I love all of the recent body jewellery trend too and will definitely be trying this one at home.

    Michaela <3

  4. Oh this is a very inspiring blog post. I might try this myself this weekend.

    BTW I've mentioned you in my blogpost at

    Sarah Betty xx

  5. They are so cool, and I love the one you made this is such a great and different DIY post!

    Lily at Red Brick Lipstick

  6. I've been wanting to do one of these, too! Great one.

  7. Just came across this! Would love to mention your D.I.Y. on my blog...!! very cool


  8. I must try this at home, very creative and I love the style! Maybe you guys should love to wear millinery also :p


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