Wednesday, 17 August 2011


I’ve been in Cyprus a week and a bit now... I have to say I’m missing good old English tea J
Looking at these pictures it looks like I’m stuck in the default hands in the pockets pose... Oh well not much I can do about that now.
These little shorts are from New Look, they are now in the sale for just £6!!!
I love the lace up feature rather than having buttons or a zip ... very Isabel Marant. I wanted the shorts to be the main feature of the outfit so I have paired them with a plain Whistles T and a pair of Jeffrey Campbell “Zag” leg lengthening platforms (they are actually my mums... But she lets me borrow them if I beg her :P). My necklace is very old; I got it when I was very little for a market in Spain.
My hand chain is from Urban Outfitters and the large gold coloured watch is from Asos. My other jewellery is from markets.
I read in a post a while back there are certain things/items that it seems most blogger either covet or have.... I found this rather interesting, as when I first started blogging I noticed there were items that in the “normal world” I had never seen before. Examples of these are:
YLS Arty Ring
Anything Crochet
Statement/customised shorts
A fox Tail
Hand/body Chains
Giant platform shoes
Has many one else found this to be true ???
Ashley x


  1. Lovely shorts!

    Emma x

  2. Love your short!
    X Laura

  3. Love the shorts, and your (mums) shoes are amazing!!

    And yep its so crazy about the things people love in the blog world are things that no unbloggy (new word?) people have heard of! I was so chuffed when I bought some Lita's and NO-ONE had heard of them! I was like WHAAAT?


  4. I love this whole outfit. Shorts, top, jewellery shoes and all!!!
    You look beautiful too. Great style.
    Daphne @

  5. love the shorts!

    the jc litas are a blogger "thing" too :D

  6. cute shorts and those heels are killer. I wish I could wear a pair of heels like that but I know I that is a mistake waiting to happen...I am a bit clumsy.

  7. I saw that post on Style of a Fashionista, too! I thought it was so funny. Anyway, I just bought a hand-chain-thingamajig, and I absolutely love yours!

  8. Those shorts are amazing and WOW, those shoes - so high :)

  9. I really love that look! You look really tall :) I know what it is to be a 5''2!! Thank good heels exist!


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