Saturday, 13 August 2011

Look Blogger Competition

When the email popped up in my inbox promoting the Look Magazine Show blogging competition my immediate thoughts were: 
I’m so excited ... Can I do that? Will I have enough time to write anything? Can I think of anything witty/charming to say? How could I pass up such an amazing opportunity? How the **** does Twitter work? My final thought was “in for a penny in for a pound”... and hey I spend enough, so here goes ...... my entry J wish me luckJ

When I think of September I think of new beginnings, the start of the academic year (this particular year being the start of Uni, undertaking a Fashion Communication and Promotion Degree), the beginning of autumn and let’s not forget...... London Fashion Week, where the fashion houses and designers flaunt their wares, showcasing their innovative ideas, cutting edge design and their immaculate cut and fit.  This is ravenously absorbed and admired by the stylists and magazines that then show us the trends and the high street adaptations forever tempting us and our bank balances..... enter Look.
Look magazine brings the best of both worlds; they show the lust labels, the high street brands, the celeb trends and how you can achieve a similar look, they put together whole outfits combining a range of high street shops to show their readers the range of possibilities and looks they can create.
I think my blog does a very similar thing and for that reason I think being in the front row of this incredible occasion would be a perfect fit.
I too drool over the designer collections, wishing that one day I could own at least one piece that was that beautiful. I’m then shocked back to reality when looking up the prices of such pieces and do my best to find the alternatives on the high street. I dive into a vast range of different shops, creating styles, much like Look, from a mixture of brands, aiming to generate something creative yet stylish. 
When I heard about the Look Blogging competition I thought back to my first blogging month October 2010. Still a newbie I watched as Lily Melrose documented her amazing experiences being part of and then winning the Look show blogging competition. At the time I was thinking how much I would love to be in their shoes... some of them literally.
It’s quite addictive sitting at my computer uploading my photos, writing my few lines finally to press “publish post” and it to be sent into cyber space in the hope that it might be read, seen and enjoyed by someone out there, it is then lovely to get some fantastic responses.
However,  I have yet to experience this “front row” aspect of the process of how this world of fashion works outside of my little computer screen. Being involved in the Look Show would allow me to write, photograph, blog and be a part of the reality of the cogs of the fashion world and how they blend and fit together.
So here I am this year writing my application, writing my little heart out in the hopes of having this amazing opportunity of being part of the vibe and excitement of being front row of the Look A/W Show..... Being only 5’2 the front row really is the only place for me otherwise I just can’t see :P

Ashley x


  1. Aw really good entry! Your one of my fave bloggers so I'd love to see you on the Front row :)


  2. Love it! Good luck! Hope you win :) x

  3. Good luck! I hope you win!


  4. Good luck! Your video is adorable. I have a really painful Californian accent, so I am super jealous of your voice.

  5. best of luck, hopefully see you on the FROW - keeping all my fingers crossed x

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  7. Hello my dear, I have to say your blog is really cool! C’: I like when you take a look at my blog too? let me know what you think of it. thanks -ohmyanker


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