Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Feather Headdress DIY

I took these pictures after I made this feather headdress, I saw them a while back on Oracle Fox and Sandra from 5 Inch and Up and I had to have one. Finding that they were quite expensive (for something I would probably only wear once a year at a festival) I thought I would get creative and make one myself.  The crochet dress is from South and the shoes are Jeffrey Campbell “So Much’s”. So here it goes :

Ok so you will need feathers, a piece of thick material (I found some leather from a sofa colour swatch we had in out craft drawer  ... yes we have a craft drawer), scissors, ribbon and glue.

I then ordered the feather and arranged them how I wanted them. I also cut the leather so it would fit round my forehead.

Now for attaching the ribbon:  I marked half way of both the height and the width of the leather. The ribbon will then need to be glued along the top of the width ways line.

Ok so you can see from this image where I glued the ribbon to the leather. I then started gluing on the feather individually, starting from the middle working my way outwards. Remember you need to place the feathers good side down as now you are looking at the back of the headdress.

When its dry turn it over and admire J Hope you liked my DIY... I’m now ready for Reading Festival tomorrow J
Ashley x

So now all the feathers are glued down, put loads of glue on the strip of leather at the bottom. Then fold the strip of leather over the bottoms of the feathers and press down.


  1. This is so awesome!!! Looks amazing on you!


  2. Aww this is soo cute! I want to do it now :)

    Lots of Love,
    Lily from Red Brick Lipstick

  3. great idea!! love the second pic

  4. Great DIY! The outfit is lovely, have a good time at the festival!

  5. Gorgeous pictures and a great DIY idea x

  6. WOW! Well done! it's perfect and it looks gorgeous on you!
    love it!

  7. Amazing pics and double amazing diy love it chick.

    Have a great time at the festival you will rock with your feathers xx

  8. Omg , Amaziing ... Well Done (y)

    Doudinou <3

  9. thank you for this awesome tutorials im trying to make one for my assignment! :) xx

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