Tuesday, 30 August 2011

By The Pool

Finally back from my travels ... it seems like I haven’t been home in eons!!
Cyprus with the family (relaxing, getting plenty of Vitamin D and drinking my weight in Ice Tea)   immediately followed by Reading festival (crowds, friends, alcohol -raspberry sours and lemonade a new favourite combination and people watching plus amazing bands) was insane but such great fun. I’m really enjoying being back in my own bed and after 15 hours of sleep feel rejuvenated enough to join the blogging world again .   
I’m glad you enjoyed my posts while I was away and it’s great to see some new followers and some new faces commenting (I do have a peek at all your blogs as well J I love finding new ones to follow ).
Now an explanation for the pictures above ... yes the pool is empty..... We have been driving past this derelict hotel for years now and finally decided to have a little explore inside. I found it was the most amazing location for photos. So next time we drove past I whipped out the heels and pilled on the jewellery to take some holiday looking snaps. I managed to pop back a few times so more pictures coming up.
I’m wearing a Topshop orange bikini, Jessica Simpson Dany heels and a snake print kaftan from Avon. The cuff was a new purchase that day from a strange little shop in Cyprus where I found loads of great bargains.
It’s also finally hit me that I’m going for to uni in just under a month!!!! I’m excited but nervous at the moment ... you would think it’s about moving 3 hours away from home and meeting loads of new people but no ... these nerves come from the thought of having to sort through all my clothes that I have collected from the past  10 years !!!! MISSION... my mum has just bought 200 new hangers... let the sorting begin J
Ashley x


  1. This is so amazing !
    love the last pic !

  2. Gorgeous post. Really stunning pictures!


  3. These pictures are amazing, I love the outfit it's beautiful and the shoes are gorgeous! :)


  4. beautiful photographs, I'm glad you had a nice time! x

  5. I love this photoshoot! And your sunnies are gorgeous!


  6. These are gorgeous pictures!



  7. Wow! These photos are amazing! You look absolutely stunning! Love the sunglasses. x

  8. these shots are amazing, especially the first one, looks like such a nice place. and those sunglasses SO suit you

  9. your photos came out beautifully. This location made a perfect backdrop

  10. Wish I were you. You are absolutely stunning and your sense of fashion is amazing xxx

  11. wow!! so amazing place and pics!! you look gorgeous!

  12. Stunning pictures, you look amazing!
    Good luck sorting through clothes, i do not envy you (although i do envy your wardrobe!) I had to do it last year, complete mare !

  13. Wao your style is amazing!!! Your so beautiful!!! Awesome location!!! xoxo ♥


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