Saturday, 14 May 2011

Please, Please, Please

Please please please help
As I’m sure most of you know blogger was doing some strange things yesterday, and that has resulted in posts being deleted along with your lovely comments, the post has now been restored but the comments are gone, gone, gone L
I would not normally ask but in this case I’m begging you to please re submit your comments on the previous post as they are vital to my Art Course work!!! Anything about the concept or composition would be helpful J
Thank you J
Ashley x


  1. urhg it's so annoying my posts or comments didn't come back! this picture is so clever! :3

  2. This picture looks so cool.I love the idea :)

  3. LOOOVE this! so creative and clever...howd u do it? id never even think of doing that!

  4. apparently they are slowly putting the comments back on :) this image is amazing and so creative, I love it x

  5. This is neat, very contemporary + surreal! You should do a whole photo exhibit with distorted body parts and features. it will be cool.

    Tallulah Doll

  6. I love creative! :)


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