Saturday, 2 April 2011

Burnt Orange

Faux Fur Vest, Primark
Dress, H and M
Necklace, River Island
Rings, Vintage and Markets
Glasses, H and M
Headband, Topshop

Awesome VW

Love this dress from H and M, although I have no idea where I’m going to wear it.
I  wore it with a head band at first then decided to take it off, then got out a fur vest and glasses  , and then ended up with no head band or fur vest, I was in a very indecisive mood.
Styled with the vest I felt like I should have a twin sister, be mega rich and always be holding I hot cup of Starbucks..... Anyone know who I’m thinking of?
I went for a drive round the country today and came across this amazing VW Van; it was such a great colour (it matches my dress) and had a dream catcher in the front window. I just had to pull over and take some sneaky pictures of it J
Ashley x


  1. wonderful <3

    i have to buy this dress :)

  2. Love the third photo! You look fabulous. The camper van is cool too - they don't make 'em like that anymore!

  3. absolutely loooove your jewellery!!

    xx viviane

  4. I wore a maxi dress today, too tight to walk in, not flowy like yours! Dress is an awesome colour, I like both stylings of it.

  5. I love that dress! You look so fantastic dear :)

  6. I can imagine you wearing that on a warm day walking across a beach... you look so retro, beautiful!

  7. you look so lovely, i'm in love with your necklace and your glasses.. the olsens! hehe that's so true they have amazing style xx

  8. Gorgeous dress! This is one of my favorite of your looks!

  9. Ha! This is the perfect VW bus outfit, that's for sure! And I am loving the geode-looking pendant. Awesome.

  10. Beautiful rings and lovely dress!
    I love this outfit :D

  11. Love that dress (very Nicole who I love) and that large floral ring under the green one LOVE,LOve that one.

  12. Nice outfit, obviously you know what your doing and your doing great!!!!! :D

  13. Oh my word, you look absolutely stunning. I really adore your style. You just always look so polished and effortlessly beautiful. That dress is amazing - just wear it everywhere! I adore VWs too!

  14. Great Outfit
    You have a new follower

  15. Amazing dress... you look beautiful ;)!

  16. ahhhh i really love your style and that jewellery is so pretty. and want that zeppelin tee in the above post! xo


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