Thursday, 31 March 2011

DIY Kimono, Part Two

Thank you all so much for your lovely comments on my first proper DIY post.  
I thought I would show you what my kimono looked like on. At first I felt a bit like a wizard with long purple robes on, but styled with a little cream dress and Litas it looked much more muggle like J It was very windy today, so thats why the fringing is all crazy in most of the pictures.
The cream dress is very old from H and M, I always think it looks a little bit like a nightie. The gold filigree ring was my latest eBay find.
Almost the end of the week J
Ashley x


  1. I love the purple kimono and the floral print on it.It looks lovely with the white dress :)

  2. This is perfect, a real talent it is to create something as that! I prefer the term wizard-like it's so much more fun!

    Beautiful photos ♥ xo

  3. This is super cute.. love the kimono!! And don’t forget to enter the Vagabond Van Giveaway on my blog. You can win a beautiful scarf and an earring of your choice. Good luck!!

    Peace & Love

  4. This looks amazing! I love your Litas too x

  5. lovely <3

  6. Nice work, I'm going to have to give it a shot myself :)

  7. whoo great to see more pics! i got my scarves through the post today, and will hopefully finish sewing over the weekend! can't wait - yours is so great :D

  8. Such a cute kimono! Love your rings.. they are just beautiful!
    Tikkitiboo + Ahka Blog

  9. The last frame looks like its from a Sofia movie.

    well shot.

  10. love it!

  11. Where did u get the kimono? I love it, I love the beautiful purple color.
    if u want 2 check out my blog, just click on my name and go down to musiclovers

  12. amazing! gonna try this myself :) where did you get your scarves from? x


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