Sunday, 12 December 2010

Sunday Style Stalker

Hello lovelies hope your all well!
 I leave for Berlin today so I won’t be blogging for a few days... but don’t worry I will be back!
I finally finished packing, although I’m sure I won’t need as many hats as I have packed! I’m a little bit obsessed with hats at the moment I don’t know whether it’s the cold weather or just a phase I’m going through but I can’t get enough of them !
For my style stalker post this week I thought I would hut through LookBook to find some amazing looks with hats! These lovely ladies have amazing style and know how to wear a hat well....
Top left to right, Zina Lookbook (now and then), Morven Lookbook (McMorven), Medelene  B Lookbook (Fur)
Bottom left to right, Klaudia W lookbook (im leaving your town again), Charlene Lookbook (feed the birds), Autila Lookbook (Voodoo Child)
Make sure to look them up on LookBook there pictures won’t disappoint!
I have taken inspiration from the above pictures a put together this look, featuring my Grandma’s hat J

My Grandma's hat,Urban Outfitters animal print cross t-shirt, Fringe skirt Festival, Lace up boots vintage

whole finger ring, Asos

Mums earrings from the 80's

Hope you like my look! Please hype my outfits on LookBook :
Will see you all in a few days, I’m off to BerlinJ
Ashley x


  1. those earrings are a something! love them!!

  2. great inspiration photos and i love the outfit you put together inspired by them. you're gorgeous!

    have fun in berlin, hope you take lots of pictures. i'm dying to go there!

    my latest post: NYC's influence on fashion

  3. I love the last girl's outfit on the pic on the lookbook! Your outfit is amazing! wow, I wish I can go to Berlin someday! Your cross shirt is very peculiar and it matched perfectly over all =)
    p.s thank you for following me=)

  4. I really like your style! Great selection of photos as well! I'm following on bloglovin' Hope you'll stop by my blog as well!

  5. Thanks for finding my on IFB, you have great style! I am now following you please do the same if you like. I am also having a holiday giveaway so please come by and enter.

    Vogue & Vintage

  6. Thanks for the reply on IFB! I will of course follow your blog if you do the same for me! :)

    I must say I truly do like it! It's diversity from many others is outstanding. :)

    Bisous love.

  7. Wow I hope you have a fantastic trip to Berlin!! Love the hats!

  8. wow, definitely great inspiration! I love that last look and 2nd one if very cute but casual. And have fun in Berlin btw, im so jealous haha!

  9. hei please check my latest post because i passed an award for you ;]

    Natalie's-the blog

  10. have fun in berlin!!

    I am so glad to have stumbled upon your blog. i'm looking forward to future posts!

  11. amazing looks,
    and i love the t shirt
    and thankyou for commenting on my blog, i now follow you via bloglovin' and googleconnect, fb?

  12. I love leopard! Makes the outfit amazing!


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