Thursday, 30 December 2010

Strange Patterns

Top New Look, Shorts Asos, Tights Topshop, Boots

Bracelet from my brother for Christmas :) Rings left Vintage, Right Market in Berlin

The last two days have been great, I met up with all my friends that are back in town for the Holidays, it was so lovely seeing everyone again! This was my outfit today, I went sale shopping, I wore flat boots as I knew I would be doing a LOT of walking!
I will post some of my bargains tomorrow as now I just need to sit down before I die of exhaustion!
And about my outfit, I have got shorts on even though it looks like I just have pockets sticking out the bottom of my top!
Oh and just to add one of my Holiday outfits has been featured on Chic-Lux and it would be lovely if you could follow the link and comment about my look so I could win best Holiday look J
Please check it out!  

Ashley x



  1. i lovee your blog! oo and ur hair :p its officially one of the greatest blogs :))


  2. Lovely outfit everything about it is great.

  3. Those tights are too cute! I love the pattern!

  4. Love this! The tights are aweeesome!
    Your blog is a-mazing, thanks for dropping by mine (:


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