Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Lust Label : Free People

Hello everyone J
I’m feeling a tiny and I mean TINY bit better today! I managed to put clothes on and take some pictures where I don’t think I look horrendous, but trust me I have a lot of makeup on to try and disguise how pasty I am!
I have also been reasonably good and wrapped all the Christmas presents I am giving!
Topshop cardigan. Asos dress, H and M socks, Primark Boots
Its still snowing !

Today I came across the brand Free People, I had heard of it before and had always like their clothes but today I found the website and I loved almost everything! They had the most amazing crochet cardigans and sweaters, lovely chunky boots and some stunning jewellery. I was so upset to find hardly any where stocks their stuff in England and shipping from America is $30+. Some things are just so unfair!
Here are some of my favourite pieces:

Have a look for yourself at : http://www.freepeople.com/index.cfm
If anyone knows any clothes that are a similar style that you can get hold of in England please let me know!    
Has anyone else had the same problem ..... Where you find something on the internet that you love, but you then can’t find it to buy in England and can’t afford the shipping from America???
Let me know J
Ashley x


  1. Absolutely love Free people! I Always look for it on sale!

  2. Gorgeous! You look like a lil winter fairytale ;)

  3. Gorgeous outfit...I love the mix between the crochet cardigan and the snow...I'm following you



  4. ohhhh, those boots are lovely! will have to keep an eye out for them (as if I needed to add to my list of wants!).

    feel better! (you hide it well!)




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