Friday, 24 December 2010

Go Stuff Yourself ... Its CHRISTMAS

Its Christmas tomorrow, all the presents are wrapped, the needles on the tree are already starting to fall off and we have 36 homemade mince pies in the oven. Bring on the turkey!
I can’t believe it’s not even Christmas yet and the sales have started! I have kicked started my sale shopping with a pair of Topshop platforms, they were originally £70 but I got them for just £25! Bargain.  (They are in the pictures below)
Top Vintage, shorts Asos, shoes Topshop

I always go a little crazy during the sales and then end up with tonnes of stuff I don’t actually like that much! This year I have decided to:
·         Identify what my wardrobe is missing and try and find only those items in the sale
·         Say to yourself “do I need this? Do I have something similar already?”
·         TRY THINGS ON

It’s a short list but I’m sure these things will help me only buy things I will wear in the future!

Ashley x


  1. I'm so identify with you about this sale disease! This list thing is a great idea! :)
    And by the way, love the shoes!

  2. Great bargain on the shoes! they're really cute, I love topshop :)

  3. Love this outfit !
    I'm a follower now.

    ( Merry Christmas ! )

  4. happy holidays! those shoes and you are stunning! xo

  5. Hi Happy Holidays! Thank you for accepting my offer on the wardrobe, I will let you know when=)

    I love your shoes here!


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