Saturday, 30 October 2010

My New Lucky Day

Friday is now my lucky day! After posting about a sheer blouse, I manage to find one, and it was much cheaper than any of the versions I researched.
Walking round my little town of East Grinstead I found a new Vintage shop named “Wear it Again Sam”. It has just opened and is full of lovely vintage finds from 40’s onwards, and at brilliant prices. I’ve been told by the owner their website will soon be up and running, great for me and my vintage needs but bad for my credit card balance!
Originally I wanted to buy almost all of the clothing in the shop but settled on; a brilliant red sheer blouse (£15), a felt hat (£19) and a beautiful sequined dress (£25). These vintage prices beat the high street versions hands down, so it’s always good to have a look around before buying anything, you could find it cheaper somewhere else!
Here are my purchases J

I got given a free hat box as well !

Looking at the sequined dress it was probably intended to be a very large top, but with chunky heels I think it will be a perfect Christmas party dress (and yes I know its ages till Christmas but, It’s always good to plan ahead!).

Ashley x

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