Saturday, 13 April 2013

Blue & Silver

Just a quick post of some purchases from the last couple of weeks.
I got these reflective blue sunglasses from Primark, and the leather and metal chocker is from Zara….. cant wait to wear these with a simple monochrome outfit !

Also for out latest uni project we had to create a short video (in the hopes it would go viral) ….. check out our work here.

Ashley x


  1. Love that choker! So clean and simple xx

  2. Ooh wow I absolutely love the choker! Will have to pop to Zara some day soon! And I love your video as well! It's maybe a bit too long to go viral tho! (I don't know if it's a welcome suggestion, but the end of the video is funny, it's just the dance part which is a bit too long!) Keep up the good work!

  3. That choker necklace is really cool, very unusual which is always a bonus!

    Dayner x //


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