Sunday, 1 January 2012


I hope everyone has had a great Christmas and New Year! Sorry its so late, with all the goings on and being at home I’ve been a bit distracted from the blogging world.

I will share my Christmas prezzies with you soon J I got a few things from my Christmas wish list… sadly not the Alexander Wang bag, but that was a long shot.

These pictures where taken on a day when it was a lot less gloomy.

The animalistic top is from Topshop, the fluid metallic skirt is primark (yes primark!!) the leather jacket is Miss Selfridge and the clogs are JC’s.

Oh and how could I forget …. Tomorrow I go to NEW YORK!
It’s the first major trip on my Fashion Communication and Promotion course at uni. Can’t say it’s going to feel like work looking around beautiful shops at their visual merchandising. I CANT WAIT … Prada and Balenciaga here I come J

Ashley x


  1. The skirt is amazing, you look great! Wow, I wish I was going to NY, have fun!

  2. I love your leather jacket! I hope you had a lovely Christmas and enjoy New York! xx

  3. This outfit is lovely, especially the top and matching shoes! My favorite colour.

  4. i love your skirt!

    happy 2012!

  5. that skirt is pretty darn rad. Way to go Primark. Have a blast in NY!

  6. beautiful look, the colors are very nice! and have fun in new york! lucky you. :-)

  7. I love everything about this outfit, the burgundy and gold is so pretty together, shock that the skirt is Primark! You will love New York, I'm so jealous, no better place for VM!

  8. This outfit is just perfect! Primark are doing crazy-nice stuff at the moment but that skirt is just amazing!


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