Saturday, 14 January 2012

Back from the "Big City"

I’m back from New York and now all moved back into my uni room in Nottingham.

The holidays went so fast but I’m pleased to be back (even though last night I spent a good 30mins standing in the cold outside as someone had set the fire alarm off.. oh well ).

Here are some pictures of what I bought on my travels. I know it wasn’t a shopping trip it was educational but it was very hard looking round at shops visual merchandising all day without giving in and indulging in a bit of retail therapy.

These items are from a selection of stores: American Apparel, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, boutiques and markets in Soho.

I was most pleased with the AA black shawl cardigan that I got in an AA warehouse store at half the retail price J.
The grey marbled piece is a beautiful scarf that can be worn in so many different ways.
The lighter garment is a lovely drop back cardigan that I can tell will be a favourite. 
Now for the jewellery: I loved the way the stone necklace had the stiching and chain detail, the little snake ring is worn on the top of the finger (any way I can get more rings on is good for me), and the pointed silver necklace reminded me of the type designed  by Pamela Love. 

I also won this bracelet when we went to visit the Ann inc headquarters.
Outfit post soon and thank you for all your lovely comments on my previous post!

Ashley x


  1. I would go back to New York in a shot if I could!!! Did you prefer the American F21 to the English one? I know I did :D xx

  2. Wow, it must have been amazing!! Hopefully I'll go some day too! And what amazing things you bought!! The necklaces are so cool!!

  3. I hope you had a great time!
    All of your purchases are lovely! The bracelet you won is gorgeous! xx

  4. Lovely buys, how gorgeous is all of the jewellery?! Even if it was an educational trip I'm not surprised you made some purchases, how could you not!


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