Saturday, 1 October 2011

Saturday Antics

So it’s the last night of fresher’s tonight, I cant believe how fast its gone! Also today we have Saturday Antics (which is sports stuff and picnics on the grass :) ).

It’s been so boiling up here with the mini heat wave England has been having. Everyone told me that further up north it would be colder so I brought loads of coats, scarves and hats, and this week I have been in shorts a vest tops the whole time! I took these pics before uni when it was much colder!

Anyway about the outfit ….. This snake print skirt I bought from a little shop in Cyprus, it’s quite a subtle print and has a slight wet look to it. I teamed it with a striped body from New Look, and my Zara “coatigan”.

The boots are from Office and are brilliant, I have wanted a pair of platform boots for two winters now and finally decided to get these after seeing them in Company magazine.  Random selection of jewelry again, DIY earrings, YSL Arty Ring and other market finds.

Hope every has a great weekend!

Ashley x


  1. Love the outfit!! =) The skirt is amazing!!

  2. Love this, outfit is amazing and you are beautiful. Coat is just *.*

  3. i just read the title of this post and thought to myself how weird it was that it was named saturday antics as im sat here in my vile yellow saturday antics top! love the skirt x

  4. I really love your coat! Your outfit is so lovely!
    XO Laura

  5. Amazing rings!! And that coat is lovely looks so warm and snug!

  6. Cute outfit.

    Emma x

  7. I love your outfit!
    And this rings...AMAZING!!!
    Great blog!!!


  8. fantastic coat!

  9. Love your coat! And jewellery is amazing as always x

  10. The 'coatigan' is the most gorgeous thing ever!!

    The Deer Head


  11. i love your coat and jewels! your blog is fantastic. i will stop by often for inspiration.

  12. absolutely love your outfit!


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