Monday, 19 September 2011

DIY Galaxy T, Part 2

I’ve never really been a plain T-shirt and jeans kinda girl, so this is my version of that look. I’m wearing my Galaxy Print DIY T-shirt, bronze jeans from River Island, Red pointy shoes (£7 from a charity shop), fringe jacket from Primark and cross earrings I made myself.
The shoes are a great statement piece, but frick are they strange to walk in. I’ve never owned pointy shoes before and it definitely takes a different set of skills to walk normally!
I actually squealed when I saw this jacket in Primark, then realised people were giving me strange looks and thought I better stop :$  I have been looking at fringe jackets for a while now and have found the gorgeous vintage ones where just too expensive L so I was very pleased with this one at just £25.  
Anyway on more exciting news .... I won an H and M styling competition and was given two tickets to the Look Magazine Show on Saturday. It was an amazing experience; I got to meet the other competition winners Clare from Rainbows and Fairydust and Jess from Jess-Hope, who were both lovely! And I sat opposite Lllymlrs, GemFatale, Jen from Little bird Fashion  and Katy from Primark to Prada , although I was too shy to go and talk to them :P silly me!
The show was great but the crowds were insane!! It was as busy as any festival I have been too! There are a few snaps from the day on my facebook J
Hope everyone had a good weekend!
Ashley x


  1. awesome , love your earing!!

  2. I really must try this DIY out!! Love it!

    The Deer Head


  3. I tried that jacket on last wkend!! I couldn't decide weather £25 for a Primark jacket was too much! But I did LOVE it, and toats LOVE it on you! Maybe I will go back and get it? mmmmmmm

    Great to meet you on Saturday honey, hopefully will see you again at something else!! xoxo

  4. I love the t-shirt :) Congrats on winning the styling competition

  5. Fab outfit lovely, the jacket is amazing I must get myself to Primarni asap.


  6. Love the outfit! Not a big fan of pointy shoes, though... But the rest is amazing! tried to do the diy galaxy shirt, but It didnt turn out as great as yours... =/ im gonna buy a plain black shirt to do it again lol cause i really like it!

    Love your style!

  7. Really love your Galaxy print tee, amazing DIY job!! So lovely to meet you on Saturday too, hope you enjoyed the show :) X

  8. You look amazing , allways !! I really love ure jacket , and ure rings are awesome :D !!

    Bisou , Doudinou <3 (Riim)

  9. Nice pics , you have such a lovely blog.
    Do you want to follow each other?

    Kisses, Ana ♥


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