Sunday, 7 August 2011

Past Summers

I’m off to Cyprus tomorrow with my family J
I can’t wait it’s just what I need before I head off to start my first year of Uni in September. I’ve collected these photos of summers that were really were amazing to get me into the summer mood.
As I can’t resist having a look at my blog when I’m away  I’m sure I will have some updates about my hols ..... I’ve also programmed some posts for while I’m away of some summery outfits as I fear that when I get back our English summer will be over L
Hope everyone has a great august.
Ashley x


  1. Lovely pictures!
    Shame that the time has gone so fast! :(


  2. Lovely photographs, nice atmosphere about them! Enjoy yourself and the sun!

  3. really lovely pics, have much fun on your summer vacation

  4. Really amazing summer photos!


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