Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Strawberry Fields Forever

I mentioned last week I was going to a friend’s BBQ, well when driving up her drive I saw this field J The next day I text her straight away asking if I could hop over the fence to take some pictures.
I wore this dress a while back on the blog but felt it deserved another entry as I love it so much! This time round I have worn it with my floppy hat from TK Maxx, and my Primark wooden heart necklace and my trusty JC Lita’s. There are a fair number of pictures today but considering we took well over 100 as the location offered so many different viewpoints,  I think I did well narrowing it down to just these few.
I hope you like them J My mum kept on saying they reminded her of the old Cadburys Flake adverts ... Naturally I had no idea what she was on about so I Googled it ... I kinda get what she means J see it here .
Ashley x


  1. Love that top pic .Miss 10 only asked me about 10 mins ago what the Wise Rabbit was wearing so when I saw you had posted I had to show her.She loves your shoes and I hope she is like you at your age.I am loving that dress so much on you.

  2. these are beautiful photos, the dress is lovely and goes so well with the floppy hat and litas.

  3. lovely photographs & editing, the first one is my fav :) x

  4. Love these photos...gorgeous!

  5. beautiful! I love your editing as well! so pretty!



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