Friday, 22 July 2011

DIY Studded Shorts

After seeing pairs of customised shorts on the blogosphere I decided to have a ago at making my own pair of vintage Levi’s unique.
I bought these shorts on EBay for £14, I cut the bottoms off and frayed them to give a distressed "worn in" look. To take them to the next level, making them more than just a pair of cut offs, I bought some pyramid studs from Studs and Punks.
I decided to put the studs in a cross shape on the back pocket. It was my first time studding clothes so I wanted to do a small simple shape.

Ok so first I got together: My shorts, 24 studs, chalk, a ruler and a screw driver. I then drew a line down the middle of the pocket I wanted to stud to make sure my cross was not wonky, using the chalk and a ruler.

Ok so there’s a bit of a continuity issue in this picture as the chalk line hasn’t yet been drawn, but looking back I would have marked out the middle of the pocket first and then planned the exact positioning of the cross like in the picture above.

This set of three pictures shows how you simply attach the stud to the pocket. 1. You position the stud and push through the two points 2. The points will poke through the fabric, this is when I put my hand inside the pocket and turned the pocket inside out so I could just see the points of the stud 3. I then got a screwdriver and bent both points inwards to secure the stud.

Here I am putting the last stud into place to create my cross shape. The studding process was quite fiddly and for a design this size took about 45mins from start to finish.... but it was my first time and I get easily bored... so I think I did ok!

The final product ... a customised pair of shorts! I have found some similar to this on EBay for £55 so doing it yourself works out much cheaper J
Hope you like my DIY J
Ashley x


  1. These look really awesome!

  2. These look so bloody good!

  3. I absolutely loved your DIY, and decided to try it! I bought the studs today and Im gonna do it over the weekend! I'll post it in my blog afterwards, hope you like it!

  4. hi!!! i have a blog about DIY and i'm going to create an entry about studded shorts and i was searching on google so i found you :) now i follow you :D would you like visit me?? :) well, here's my site. Good luck!! :)

  5. Gahh, I love this! What size are your studds?!


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