Thursday, 9 June 2011

purple haze

These are my edits of some pictures I was asked to take of my friend Abbie's Final Major Project work. She very cleverly designed and made both sets of arm pieces, one is made of bendy clear plastic and the other is made entirely of paper sewn’s very delicate.
My friend Laura modelled for the pictures and we took them in our college photography studio. There was a slight panic when the pictures disappeared from the computer but luckily a technical genius came to the rescue J  the resulting pictures illustrate a great Final Piece.
Thought I would have a go editing them in interesting ways. I loved the purple tone and felt it made the images hang together as a collection. What do you think??
Ashley x


  1. these look so good and amazing! the fifth one down looks really professional and i love it. hope it gets a good grade!


  2. wowww there really amazing! where did you edit these photos? they have awesome effects! :D

  3. stunning!

  4. these shots really came out great

  5. beautiful!!!


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