Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Turquoise and Tigers Eye

Final Major Project deadline is approaching fast!!
 Some of you will have seen the editorial photos that form part of my project (if you haven’t they can be seen here here and here!!) but, I have also been working on some handmade jewellery that will also be part of the final work.
I really enjoyed sourcing, designing and making up these pieces, adding the little extras like the turquoise and tigers eye stones and tiny silver feathers and bottles .
I hope you like them; they are inspired by the beautiful Navajo and tribal jewellery that compliments the Free Spirit Hippy 70’s revival that’s out there at the moment. It just seems to sum up this Spring/Summer.
Any comments would be really fab as they contribute to the project as well!!
Ashley x


  1. Beautiful pieces.What cant you do? You talented young lady.

  2. These pieces are gorgeous!! Perfect for this season :)
    Laura Elizabeth xo

  3. Before i read that they were your final work I was thinking wow where can I buy these. They are all so lovely.

  4. the last necklace is gorgeous!

  5. I really love the turquoise accents you included in the jewelry :)

  6. Oh WOW! If you were to sell this type of stuff I'd be all over it x

  7. the turquoise accents add the perfect touch

  8. Beautiful pieces! at first I thought they were pictures of things you bought! You're great at jewelry making!


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