Thursday, 21 April 2011

Back To The Real World

plane window

petrified log

me skiing

james and I

Inukshuk - traditional meaning "you are on the right path"

I want everything above

Nathan (my little brother), Me and James

I’m back from Canada and it was truly amazing.
I’ve been many times before but haven’t been in the last four years so it was great to finally be back J
The snow was insane, and we had fresh snow almost every day which is very strange for this time of year. I’m a skier and have been since I was six so I thought I would try a bit of snowboarding this time round, I really enjoyed it but hated being a learner on the mountain again and happily returned to my ski’s, very pleased I can now do both.
The pictures are a random few of the trip: sights, The Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory apples (they taste sooo good), an amazing rock and gem store that I spent a lot of time in :P, The Whistler Inukshuk and some breath taking blue mountains on the trip down to Vancouver.
I will share with you some of my finds from the trip soonJ  
Ashley x


  1. Lovely pictures! I've never been skiing but I'd like to try!

  2. Arghh i'm so jealous of you! I haven't been snowboarding for ages. Canada looks beautiful. xx

  3. Ooh you went to Whistler? I went snowboarding there a couple of years ago and it was amazing :) looks like you had a lovely time :) xxx

  4. that looks like an amazing trip, I wish I could snowboard, I tried it once but was horrible at it

  5. Lovely pictures!.. What a wonderful trip it should have been..! ~ xoxo


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