Monday, 28 February 2011

London Fashion Weekend A/W 2011

Zara, cardigan
Topshop, Top
Jeans, Free People
Shoes, JC Lita
Necklace, Low Luv
So I could share in the excitement of London fashion week I got myself a ticket to London Fashion Weekend, which is the event for us mere mortals.
It was a great experience, and seeing Mark Fasts collection was amazing, the shoes were crazy, I want some giant giant wedges.
Some of the designer shopping was lovely, trying on a Missoni dress and a Twenty Twelve leather jacket were definite highlights, but sadly I didn’t have a spare £450 to spend.
The only bad bit of the day was when I stacked it down the tube station stairs L  it was rather amusing though and luckily I was unharmed. That teaches me, running down wet stairs in 6 inch shoes.
Hope everyone had a happy Monday.
Ashley x


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time at LFW, it's so much fun isn't it? Hope you were ok after you little tumble. I was so worried about falling over in my heels around Somerset House but managed to avoid any embarrassing moments by saving my trips to locations other than LFW!! Love the furry collar on your coat

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  2. Love that coat! There's always a touch of the 70s in your outfits.

    And I wish I could go to London Fashion Week...

  3. Love love love these photos and I adore your outfit, it is so amazing. I hope you are ok after your fall, it sounds nasty. Great blog!

  4. soo beautiful!! Love your outfit and pics

  5. That Mark Fast collection looks amazing!

  6. Thanks for your comment :)

    I love this look & adore your hair!! LFW!! So exciting!! I love the close-ups on the details!

    Corinne xo

  7. I love your coat in the first cute!


  8. I'm worried about what appened in the tube !

    no consequences for you?

    have a nice day


    new post by me

  9. Best fashion week post i've seen in FOREVER. x hivennn

  10. I'm fo sho a new follower and i'm off to oggle your hair in older posts a bit more.

  11. just discovered your blog, I really like your outfit and I totally fall for your hair.

  12. Glad you didn't hurt yourself!!! lol I've had a tumble going UP escalators. It was not pretty. The bruise on my knee lay testament to that!

    Have a great one! x

  13. thanks for stopping by, i LOVE your blog. I'm reading through your older posts :) also you have amazing hair!!

  14. Great collection! I'm wondering why it is not popular. Anyways, thanks for sharing your beautiful blog. Glad I found these.


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