Monday, 27 December 2010

Big Ass Hat

I hope by now everyone has recovered from Christmas! Today has been a jolt back to reality and everyday life. The boyfriend is back at work and I have been left at home to do some artwork!
Also found out I have Tonsillitis which I am quite upset about, it sucks being ill on the holidays!
Anyway this is my outfit today, featuring some of my Christmas prezzies J
Hat TKMax, Waiscoat New Look, Dress  Primark, Socks Urban Outfitters, Boots Vintage 

Left: Ring Chain thing Urban outfitters Right: Watch Asos

In motion !

Lots of photos today’s guys, I just really liked the light and the waistcoat! I love it but my boyfriend doesn’t get it.... what do you think?
And just to add I did get a Polaroid camera from my boyfriend (it was on my wish list) but the poor boy couldn't afford to get me film yet so I have to wait for his next pay check (what a lovely) . My parents, I mean Santa, got me the YLS Arty ring in blue which I have been obsessing over for ages, such a lucky girl!

Ashley x


  1. I like the waistcoat! It goes really nicely with your dress. I also love your hair, it's making me want a full fringe again! I love analogue cameras. I don't have a Polaroid (as much as I'd love one) but I do have a Diana F+ and a Fisheye no.2 They're great cameras too!

  2. oh i would love a fisheye, its such a lovely effect ! Ashley

  3. I love your vest and your hat. This is a gorgeous outfit!

  4. I love your boots. I want a pair that reach my knee. All I could find is the ankle and calves.

  5. I love the vest. So cute with the dress! I love my Polaroid camera! Takes me back to the 4th grade when they were all the rage haha.


  6. your hat is adorable !

  7. wow you look very cute in your bigg ass hat lol! Really nice outfit.


  8. LOOVEE this look! Super boho and cute ;)

    Peace & Love


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